A Journey to no End II

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Leon Leijdekkers:
5 years ago
From my vision on this Chris, the way I interpreted the scene, more than striving for a depiction of reality.. Thank you for your interest, Léon
PRO Chris Cox:
5 years ago
awesome shot! from where the light on the bridge, Leon?
Llyn Cwellyn, Wales August 2012

Tech details

Camera Canon EOS 5DCamera Ratings
Lens 17-140 LLens Ratings
Focal length 17mm
Shutter speed 132s
Aperture f/11
ISO/Film 50
Category Landscape
Taken Nov 08 2014
Uploaded Nov 09 2014 11:50:43


Chris Cox (PRO) Maria Rahmaninova Mehmet Talu Uray Mc Lepel fileth fth