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Nihon Building, Downtown Chinatown- Fresno, CA.

This is part of a document I prepared for the city of Fresno in 2008. I had been asked to document abandoned buildings as part of the rejuvenation of the downtown area. I learned much of the history belonging to most of the buildings in the area as I met many of the owners and read up on public records for many buildings. This study also helped me and an awesome group of artists and friends to acquire this particular building and create a gallery downstairs known as the "Nihon Gallery". We had some awesome shows there and created memories that I have not forgot. - Oh, and fun fact: the "windows" at the end of this hall are actually part of a door. A door that leads to a three story sheer drop off the side of the building. Basically, if you walked out of this door you would not have anywhere to go but down.

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