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Francesca Fuller:
4 years ago
Beautifully done, BRAVO and so cute to boot!
PRO Max Zu:
4 years ago
Agreed with Osman
Osman Tumay:
4 years ago
This is superb. Thank you for sharing!
Endless Love

Tech details

Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark IICamera Ratings
Lens Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM LensLens Ratings
Focal length 45mm
Shutter speed 1/80s
Aperture f/9
ISO/Film 100
Category Pets
Taken Aug 19 2014
Uploaded Aug 19 2014 13:30:50


Chris Cox (PRO) Max Zu (PRO) Mark Marcelos Osman Tumay Ronald Webb (PRO) Boris Ranilovic Francesca Fuller Michel Villette Frank Welte (PRO) Ana Struharova brut carniollus Ricardo Williams Katarzyna Jurkiewicz (PRO) Chet Annis Luis  Hernandez Davila (PRO) James Gamble (PRO) Beard Drave Mandrake Zp Bragi  Ingibergsson - BRIN (PRO) Tim Beil (PRO) Kurt Golgart (PRO)