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Patrick van Vlaenderen:
11 months ago
congrats on the award!
PRO Antonio Coelho:
10 months ago
Thank you very much Patrick Van Vlaenderen.
Rob Shiels:
2 years ago
Great shot. I would be interested on how you photographed this. Well done.
PRO Antonio Coelho:
2 years ago
Hello Rob, this image was taked at Xposure 2017 festival in Sharjah, UAE. The model fall into a plexiglass pool and i taked this photo with a 10mm lens at the ground outside the pool.

Tech details

Camera NIKON D7100Camera Ratings
Lens SIGMA 10-20Lens Ratings
Focal length 10mm
Shutter speed 1/125s
Aperture f/5.6
ISO/Film 100
Category Conceptual
Taken Nov 08 2018
Uploaded Nov 08 2018 15:38:25


Max Zu (PRO) Victor Belokrinitski Osman Tumay (PRO) Patrick van Vlaenderen Ricardo Williams Ricardas Jarmalavicius (PRO) Sebastien Wautie David Martins Rob Shiels