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This photo is one of my very first Large Format photographs I took using my Calumet 4x5 rail camera. Because this was one of my very first photos in LF, I purchased the 4x5 film off of EBay that had expired back in 1995. As you can see, the expired film left a white vignette around the film which had a wonderful effect. Sad to say but, the gentleman in the photo is a friend of mine who past last year. His family have requested multiple copies of this photo of him and is now hanging in many a family house.

As a side note, many people believed that this photo was taken back in the 30's or 40's.

Tech details

Camera Calumet 4x5 Rail CameraCamera Ratings
Lens 105mmLens Ratings
Focal length 105mm
Shutter speed 1 second
Aperture F11
ISO/Film 100 Expired
Category Landscape
Taken Oct 2012
Uploaded Nov 01 2016 19:55:25


Luis  Hernandez Davila Bob Yankle fileth fth