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While I was traveling central Kenya, there was a boy kept fallowing me. He must intriguing who I was. Barely seen asian in middle of Kenya, and who has a machine gun type camera in his hand and walking with bunch of group of white people. I must be so strange to his eye. He must want to know more about me. He kept fallow me until I finally stop by one of host. I was looking around and here he is. I finally have eye contacted with him, and my finger couldn't resist not to do. My finger start to push shutter and got his eye. The eyes with curious and wondering. To me, he is just one of the kids I have met in Kenya, but to him, I became one of his memorable guy in his life. I hope I can remember this moment very long time....

Kai at Ringa, Nyanza Province, Kenya 2015

Tech details

Camera NIKON DfCamera Ratings
Lens 24-70mmLens Ratings
Focal length 70mm
Shutter speed 1/80s
Aperture f/2.8
ISO/Film 100
Category Documentary
Taken Dec 03 2015
Uploaded Oct 20 2016 20:28:28


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