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The following works are the continuation and concretization of the T.T.C. series. The series now occupied me for two years, that's why the title includes the anniversary date. The title is a pure coding and therefore carries no explicit statement. The idea for the series has grown by many experiments. At the beginning of the series, there was only a basic idea of an image. The basic themes are the feeling of inner conflict, the perceived distortion, false self-perception, the human psyche and the pressure of the fashion industry. The boundary between the classical portrait and fashion photography will be dissolved and the role of the photographed body occurs at the center. Against this background, I edit interests as the public and private spheres , the role of women in the fashion industry and the identity. The series is a visual examination of the physical and psychological fragility of the human. All Portraits of the series T.T.C.2016 come out of the black, intangible surrounding space. The pictures of the series are made of digital photos, which were subjected with a analog manipulation. The game between the process of cold, digital photography and the analog intervention are inspiring for further works. The works illustrate the gap between the self-expression and self-perception of people.

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Taken Aug 02 2016
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Chris Cox (PRO) Max Zu (PRO) Victor Belokrinitski Osman Tumay Ronald Webb (PRO) Mehmet Talu Uray Gregory Surtukov Vasil Izyumov Vera Martova fileth fth Jose Andrade