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Following the theme of my previous photograph this is just one of those places that people don't see. It is after all just a bend in the road. I however love the canopy of trees and the high bank on the right and the fact that it feels as though you drive through a tunnel and emerge into the light as you continue down the hill. Taken on a quiet Sunday morning (hence the name) when I had the world to myself.

Tech details

Camera Hasselblad 501cmCamera Ratings
Lens Zeiss 80mm Planar CF T*Lens Ratings
Focal length 80mm
Shutter speed Not set
Aperture Not set
ISO/Film Not set
Category Landscape
Taken Mar 01 2016
Uploaded May 19 2016 23:59:11


Victor Belokrinitski Mehmet Talu Uray Jose Covas