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Originally constructed in 1848, for use as a guard and fire house for the Harpers Ferry Armory. The "engine-house" is where John Brown and his men fortified themselves with ten prisoners taken from the town during his 1859 raid aimed at capturing weapons to assist in his larger goal of abolishing slavery. On the morning of October 18th, US Marines under Col. Robert E. Lee stormed the small building, killing many of the raiders and capturing John Brown.

Tech details

Camera NIKON D7100Camera Ratings
Lens Not setLens Ratings
Focal length 10mm
Shutter speed 1/100s
Aperture f/5
ISO/Film 100
Category Architecture
Taken Jun 17 2015
Uploaded Jun 17 2015 08:54:25


Victor Belokrinitski Osman Tumay (PRO) Mehmet Talu Uray Luis  Hernandez Davila (PRO)