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PRO Max Zu:
6 years ago
awesome shot Darren, Can't even imagine how to reach this result with film cam. Thanks.
I have visited Le Hocq many times. I believe it to be a magical place. Sometimes, I just sit and listen to the waves and watch the colours in the sky change. On other occasions, I bring a camera.

Although I have shot digital images here before, this was my first visit with the Hasselblad 501cm. The 80mm prime lens made me look for a new angle and that is one of its best features for me. I was standing here just as the sun was setting behind me. While many others wish to shoot the setting sun, I am more enchanted by the light it casts and therefore rarely only occasionally shoot the setting sun in my image (it does happen though).

One of the joys of film photography is calculating exposure, particularly in poor light, as reciprocity failure then adds a different challenge. I often think that I am working with maths, chemistry and physics when shooting long exposures. The Hasselblad is a completely mechanical camera with no light meter so you feel that you really have to concentrate hard on what you are doing. I think this makes me more discerning in calculating what I am doing. I like to think it is improving my photography.

In any event, the most important thing is the final photograph - and this is it. I hope you enjoy it.

Tech details

Camera Hasselblad 501cmCamera Ratings
Lens Zeiss 80mm Planar CF T*Lens Ratings
Focal length 80mm
Shutter speed 120s
Aperture f/8
ISO/Film Tri-X 400
Category Landscape
Taken Jun 13 2015
Uploaded Jun 14 2015 02:35:06


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