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Mark Palmer:
3 years ago
Excellent capture Darren.
PRO Darren Kelland:
3 years ago
Thank you Mark.
After two years of saving my pound coins in a jar, and some gentle encouragement from my beautiful wife, I bought a Hasselblad film camera. It is quite heavy and not very forgiving. I take my hat off to anybody who learned to photograph using one of these cameras as they come with their complications. The effort though can be very rewarding and this is one of a set of images I have received this week from ILFORD PHOTO having sent my films to them to be developed (I think they do a first class job).

I still like shooting with my digital camera but the type of image that film produces is very hard to replicate. Anyway, why would you want to replicate it (I know not everybody does) when you can use the original format.

This particular image was taken at Grosnez in Jersey and I had wanted to shoot the castle but there was a string of photographers already there. Given that I prefer a little solitude when I'm shooting I decided to find something else to capture. This is the result. I hope you like the photograph.

Best wishes - Darren

Tech details

Camera Hasselblad 501CMCamera Ratings
Lens 80mm Planar CF T*Lens Ratings
Focal length 80mm
Shutter speed 150 seconds
Aperture f/8
ISO/Film Tri-X 400
Category Landscape
Taken Apr 25 2015
Uploaded Apr 26 2015 23:26:35


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