And Then They Came For Me

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Recollections of Jewish internment in Germany

Tech details

Camera Canon EOS-1D XCamera Ratings
Lens Not setLens Ratings
Focal length 24mm
Shutter speed 1/400s
Aperture f/2.8
ISO/Film 6400
Category Documentary
Taken Apr 02 2015
Uploaded Apr 03 2015 07:36:07


Chris Cox (PRO) Max Zu (PRO) Amby Kros Victor Belokrinitski Goksel Bakac Tumay Mehmet Talu Uray Ajlan Say Luis  Hernandez Davila (PRO) Cenk Sarvan Victor Sheedo (PRO) Gregory Surtukov Vasil Izyumov Kurt Golgart (PRO) Joao Ascenso (PRO)