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From a fashion assignment when I was an intern at the Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel, summer of 1983.
I guess Risky Business was a hot movie then.
They sent me to a mall to shoot this guy and a woman. I hate doing fashion. Posing people is something I just don't have a knack for. After a while I saw two women sitting on a bench and told the model to let me go get in position and then sit down close by. Yes, this was a set-up shot in that regard, but it was a fashion shoot and everything about a fashion shoot is set-up.
I had no idea what I had until the film was laid out on the light table back at the paper. I couldn't have asked her to give me something better than that.
This was way before the digital age and you didn't get to see what you had on the back of the camera. It was more fun really to not know and hope you got something.

Tech details

Camera Nikon F3Camera Ratings
Lens 80-200Lens Ratings
Focal length Not set
Shutter speed Not set
Aperture Not set
ISO/Film tri-x pushed
Category Fashion
Taken 1983
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