partial disappearance

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Rob DePaolo:
6 years ago
Oh simply brilliant! Both in concept and execution! Love it!
Simon Horsch:
6 years ago
Max Zu and Mellamo, thank you for your comments
Mellamo Amigo:
6 years ago
what an amazing concept ! awesome
PRO Max Zu:
6 years ago
Your works are just great!

Tech details

Camera NIKON D7000Camera Ratings
Lens Not setLens Ratings
Focal length 25mm
Shutter speed 1/60s
Aperture f/3.8
ISO/Film 1250
Category Conceptual
Taken Aug 30 2014
Uploaded Jan 26 2015 16:22:49


Chris Cox (PRO) Max Zu (PRO) Mellamo Amigo Tibor Jakab Osman Tumay (PRO) Farit Urazmetov Mehmet Talu Uray Ricardo Williams Natasha Caldera SAVIO JOANES Luis  Hernandez Davila Justin Phillips Cenk Sarvan James Gamble (PRO) Rob DePaolo Soy Mariani Andres Medina Nigel Bullers Victor Sheedo Miguel Arranz Kurt Golgart (PRO) fileth fth Scott Allen (PRO) Brian Mohs Karol Gallas