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Nicolas Verville:
5 years ago
This is a camera with a 720 ir filter. They have remplace the filter in front of the sensor by a specific one for ir photography
Dominik Jendroszczyk:
5 years ago
did you remove the infrared blocker in front of the sensor?
PRO Max Zu:
5 years ago
this is beautiful!
infra red photo

Tech details

Camera canon eos XTiCamera Ratings
Lens 15-85mmLens Ratings
Focal length Not set
Shutter speed Not set
Aperture Not set
ISO/Film Not set
Category Landscape
Taken Not set
Uploaded Nov 25 2014 17:00:02


Max Zu (PRO) Alena Tsymbal SAVIO JOANES Katarzyna Jurkiewicz Luis  Hernandez Davila Nicolas Verville Simon Horsch fileth fth