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This was the last obstacle in a tough mudder event. Competitors have to negotiate all kind of obstacle and there is a lot of water involved. This one is terrifying. It is an enormous water slide into a very cold pool. Plus this was in February and there was ice on all of the water obstacles.

Tech details

Camera NIKON D4Camera Ratings
Lens Nikkor 70 - 200mm f2.8Lens Ratings
Focal length 155mm
Shutter speed 1/640s
Aperture f/5.6
ISO/Film 1000
Category Sport and Action
Taken Jan 19 2017
Uploaded Jan 19 2017 21:25:38


Max Zu (PRO) Victor Belokrinitski (PRO) Ronald Webb (PRO) Mark Palmer (PRO) Ricardas Jarmalavicius (PRO) Scott Fowler (PRO) fileth fth Doug Hilson (PRO) Milos Kostka