One Day You Will Be A Man My Son

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Luis Lobo Henriques:
5 months ago
Love it!!!
PRO Nick Moore:
5 months ago
Thank you dear friend!
A father looking forward to his son's future....

Tech details

Camera NIKON D2XCamera Ratings
Lens Not setLens Ratings
Focal length 80mm
Shutter speed 1/125s
Aperture f/4
ISO/Film 100
Category Conceptual
Taken Nov 05 2016
Uploaded Nov 05 2016 16:46:27


Chris Cox (PRO) Max Zu (PRO) Ricardo Williams (PRO) Luis  Hernandez Davila (PRO) Cenk Sarvan Gregory Surtukov Vasil Izyumov Dale Ellis (PRO) Scott Fowler (PRO) Vinita Barretto Jose Nunes Tomasz Cha Robert Daveant